Common Questions

How do I begin to do business with wealthLINK?

Each carrier will require you complete their contract paperwork in order to begin to do business with that carrier via wealthLINK or in order to move your contract from another MGA to wealthLINK. Note some carriers will require a new piece of business in order to activate the contract and/or change in MGA.

Do I have to do all of my business through wealthLINK?

No. You can deal with us for as little as one carrier. Naturally we hope to earn all of your business over time.

Do I have to pay to switch MGA’s?

No. We bear the cost of any transfer or fees. As such we would request you provide us with information on your current block of business prior to approval of a transfer.

Can I use wealthLINK for just my Mutual Funds business?

Yes. You are welcome to do business through our Investia Mutual Funds division.

Can my business be sent direct to the carrier or must it go via wealthLINK

Yes. However Insurance Council regulations require you provide the MGA with a copy or summary of the application.

Is my local carrier representative credited for my business?

Yes. Even though our MGA is based in Kelowna, your local carrier representative would still provide you with support and receive credit for your business.

How do I obtain applications and/or software?

You can obtain these directly from the carrier or via wealthLINK. Our contacts page indicates if the software is available to download.

How is my business tracked/monitored?

WealthLINK will provide you with underwriting updates and/or status updates as required. You are also able to track your business through the carrier or our virtgate system (depending on the carrier).

Will wealthLINK be acting as an MGA or AGA?

We are an MGA with Industrial Alliance, Manulife, Equitable Life, IA Excellence, The Edge, Acure Health, Sun Life (Investments), Humania, CPP and Benefits-by-Design. All of our other arrangements will be via an AGA arrangement.

This move is being done to take advantage of a superior “behind the scenes” virtgate program for those carriers with whom we have an AGA relationship.

We feel this will allow us to maintain superior levels of service at a local level while at the same time allowing us the ability to focus on you, your needs and your business.

Please note your compensation will remain the same regardless and you will still be dealing with our office.

Am I able to move my business from wealthLINK in the future?

Yes. If you are unhappy with the services we provide then you are able to move your contract to another MGA.